"Making your life easier"

- Business Plan -


Simia is a local organic tea company that has been incorporated since 2018. They produce three different flavors of Tea that are quite known here in Curacao. They come in tea bags, which is basically a way to make your life much easier. The current flavors that they have are:

  • Oregano
  • Lemongrass
  • Basil

They came to IQ in 2020 looking to expand their business and create the possibility to produce at a greater scale since before that everything was happening manually. The impact that this brand has in Curacao is growing steadily because it was a need of everyone that came to life and now facilitates all the drinkers with their tea bags.

The Goal

The goal was to structure a deal for the business to invest in machines that would facilitate the tea bag production. These machines will complement all the manual labor. 

The Strategy

Tea is a popular drink here on the island and most importantly the organic flavors that most of us all have in our garden. We all grew up knowing that these teas are the savior to everyone, but the bottleneck was that it was impossible to drink your tea everywhere, because of the production process.

So with Simia creating the possibility to have these teas available in tea bags, we used it to build the business plan around making people’s life easier. It is easily accessible everywhere and since it’s not a luxury product, it’s easier to scale into bigger markets. 

In addition to solving this amazing problem, Simia could grow into new markets easily. Up to that point, all the current revenue streams were people/businesses that at first were skeptical about the product, but as soon as they started selling the tea boxes, their demand grew exponentially in a short period of time. 

Last but not least, who doesn’t want to have a locally produced treasure that is completely organic, without any preservatives in their home/office/hotel to enjoy!?

Key Takeaways:

  • Solve a Current Problem 
  • Use the business brand to scale
  • Has a proven growth strategy