"A Beauty studio that offers all beauty products & beauty services"

- Business Plan -


MAKEUPBYRYANA, the exceptional MUA who has been in the game for more than 15 years, came to IQ Management in 2021 looking to open her retail store together with her professional MUA studio.

Next to providing makeup services, she has been giving private Makeup classes to individuals who want to develop their own skills, and also organizing the famously known A Day Of Beauty, where females could have an amazing time and also learn how to do makeup.

The Goal

The main goal for Ryana was to open her makeup and accessories retail store and makeup studio “FEM”. This is a feminine wonderland where females could experience their highness, through the exceptional skills from MUA Ryana Juliana and buy their accessories from the latest trends.

The Strategy

With the brand of MAKEUPBYRYANA, she already had a jump start on entering the market and starting her store with Success. Throughout the years, she already built a list of clientele who are die hard fans of what she brings to the table and how she interacts with them.

IQ’s job was to create a business plan that will show how Ryana will use her brand and idea to come up with a retail store that will be successful even in this down economy. 

Our approach was to, in addition to using her brand, use all the revenue streams that MAKEUPBYRYANA has and incorporate them with the new possible streams that the store will bring.

Usually whenever you are starting a retail store, your revenue is mainly dependent on the items that you have in inventory. With Ryana having a variety of additional services that produce income, she does not have to rely solely on her products.

This has a major impact on the Profit of the business, because most of these services do not have a Cost to produce.

This will give Ryana breathing room to use her proceeds to purchase additional products for her business and increase your residual income to comply with all your obligations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Used the MAKEUPBYRYANA brand to enter the market.
  • Having multiple revenue streams facilitates the business startup process.
  • Concentrate on your niche.