"Co-Working Office Warehouses Destined For SME"

- Business Plan -


Gaspa is a coworking warehouse, which is a new concept where entrepreneurs could rent a space to operate their business.  If you travel in the area of Palu Blanku roundabout, you probably saw a new nice green building at the roundabout. That is Gaspa.

They came to IQ in 2021 looking to create a possibility to construct this amazing building that could benefit a group of entrepreneurs who are looking for a centrally located spot on the island that is accessible to everyone. The concept is quite unique if you look at it through the lens of the Curacao market, but has a great potential and different streams of income possibilities.

The Goal

Build a commercial rental property that could be used effectively to create multiple income streams

The Strategy

Entrepreneurship is currently on the rise, and they would be looking for a great, centrally located spot to rent. Unfortunately, the rent prices are extremely high lately, which causes them to struggle to find a great place to rent. 

With this in mind, we used our space wisely to find a solution for small businesses. The concept was built around Korio, which is one the best urban dance schools here on the island. They were renting a spot to give dance classes, but because of limited space, they had a long waiting list of people who would like to participate.

The idea was to build the rental space for the dance school, but with the amount of space available on the lot, why not maximize it and create more revenue opportunities? So by expanding the building with more rental spaces, created the possibility for other businesses to have their own unit without having to spend a lot of money on rent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create solution that could benefit other entrepreneurs
  • Have multiple income streams
  • Use your own input wisely to maximize the plan.